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LeBron James to Cavaliers fans: 'I'm not going anywhere'

LeBron James revved up Cavaliers fans in his hometown in Akron, and talked Kevin Love and the Cavaliers' expectations for 2014.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Cavaliers fans are sort of excited that LeBron James is coming home. The megastar held a rally, sponsored by the LeBron James Family Foundation, in his hometown of Akron in front what we can conservatively call several thousand fans. His message was plain:

Then James got down to business, talking Kevin Love and the Cavaliers' expectations for the 2014 season. Just as he stated in his letter announcing his decision to return to Cleveland, he tampered any hype.

By assuring he would be staying, James answered a lingering question on the minds of Cavaliers fans. After all, he had left Cleveland before, and was quick to bolt from Miami where cracks were showing on a veteran team.

James apparently doesn't have the heart to move, however.

That's good for Cavs fans, who couldn't wait to greet James. Just look at them run!

James said that winning a championship in Cleveland would be "the greatest achievement in my life." Cavaliers fans are ready.