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This is not Danny Ferry's first race-related controversy

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In 2006, Bonzi Wells' agent accused Ferry of using a racial slur.

In November 2002, Bonzi Wells spit on Danny Ferry during a Blazers win over the Spurs. This incident was added to the That's Bonzi! oeuvre straight away. He was also suspended for one game.

Four years later, as Bonzi starred for the one of the meanest teams in modern history -- the Ron Artest-Bonzi Kings -- Sacramento Bee columnist Marty McNeal wrote a story about Bonzi's travails. The story has been since lost-to-the-internet due to the Bee's frequent archive-killing redesigns. But back in the heyday of sports blogging we did things called "blockquotes" and there's a long excerpt of McNeal's story that is now of particular interest.

Then there was an incident while with the Blazers when Wells spit on Ferry, now the Cleveland Cavaliers' president of basketball operations.

Wells' agent, William Phillips said part of that story always gets omitted.

"Ferry (allegedly) called him a (racist name)," Phillips said. "That part of it never gets reported. And Ferry becomes the president of basketball operations.

Ferry did not return a phone call to The Bee.

A couple days ago, the infrequent-tweetin' McNeal -- no longer with The Bee -- reminded us of the story.

A week ago, you'd struggle to find anyone who'd believe Bonzi's story about Ferry. That's probably not the case any longer.


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