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Cavaliers allow court-storming fan back into their home arena

Two years ago, a fan eluded security and stormed the court to show LeBron James his T-shirt. Now that James is back, the fan is allowed back into the arena following a one-year ban. Why?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

There's a Cavaliers fan that eluded security to charge the court and show LeBron James a T-shirt during a 2013 Cavaliers-Heat game. After the incident, the team banned him from attending games at Quicken-Loans Arena, for obvious reasons. But now, they've rescinded the ban, according to SB Nation's Cavaliers site Fear the Sword.

Who is James Blair? He's the guy that did this:

(NOTE: He is not the same guy that did this to Kyrie Irving last season. Cavaliers' security: not exactly inspiring confidence).

In response, the Cavaliers banned him for one full year. That year was up in March, but the ban nevertheless extended until the summer, when the Cavaliers reached out and offered to end it.

That incident got James' attention and eventually led to a similar one that occurred after the Heat won the 2013 title. From ESPN the Magazine:

After the Heat win Game 7, Blair and Abrams go to the team's championship party the next day. They drink $13 beers all night until finally a commotion draws their attention to an elevated VIP area. There, LeBron, Dwyane WadeChris Bosh and Drake are celebrating. Blair, one floor below the Heat stars, wiggles his way closer.

Blair looks up at the DJ booth and spots Steph Floss, the Cavs DJ, whom Blair has -- of course -- befriended on Twitter and partied with in Cleveland. Apparently, Floss has been flown to Miami for the party.

What ridiculous luck.

The next few moments will come together like a perfect pick-and-roll. Floss directs LeBron's gaze to the dance floor, where Blair is waving. LeBron smiles and salutes Blair. For the first time, they share a private moment. (LeBron will later recall that night and tell Sports Illustrated, "Yeah, that's James Blair, he's my guy.")

James, for whatever reason, is fond of a person that eluded security guards to pester him during a game and snuck into the championship celebration that is supposed to be for his family, friends and teammates. Team LeBron is more dubious, according to the ESPN story, as well they should be. James has enough fans that don't plan elaborate schemes to charge the court in a dangerous and creepy manner.

But James seems to like the guy, so it's easy to put the pieces together and realize why he's being let back into games. Let's just hope the Cavaliers' security staff is actually prepared this time.


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