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USA Basketball vs. Slovenia final score: Team USA advances to World Cup semifinals with 119-76 victory

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Team USA only led by seven points at halftime, but they blew the doors off Slovenia in the second half and will face Lithuania in the semifinals of the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

David Ramos

After a rough start, Team USA ran away from Slovenia to advance to the semifinals of the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup. The Americans scored 37 points in the third quarter and cruised to a 119-76 victory. The 119 points is the most Team USA has scored in this World Cup.

Klay Thompson led the way with 20 points off the bench. Both Kenneth Faried and Anthony Davis notched double-doubles, while Derrick Rose enjoyed his best game of the World Cup. Rose had 12 points and five assists, and he showed off his trademark speed on a transition layup early on (h/t to @crabdribbles):

Goran Dragic had 13 points to lead Slovenia. Domen Lorbek had 12 points, and Zoran Dragic added 11.

Team USA struggled offensively in the first half, missing its first seven shots and shooting just 36.2 percent from the field for the entire half. The Americans were able to make up for the misses by rebounding many of them, nabbing 14 offensive rebounds in the first quarter and 16 for the half.

Team USA seemed on the verge of opening up a comfortable lead in the second quarter, but a sloppy finish to the half allowed Slovenia to stay in it. A Zoran Dragic three-pointer in the final minute of the half got Slovenia back within seven points, and after two bad misses by Team USA, the Slovenians went into the break with some momentum.

But the Americans soon flexed their might, blowing open the game in the third quarter. After missing all eight of his shots in the first half, James Harden got going in the third quarter. In addition to finally knocking down a few baskets, Harden threw this nifty lob to Faried (h/t to @crabdribbles):

The fourth quarter was simply a formality for Team USA, with numerous highlights abound. The Americans shot 50.0 percent for the game after the rough start and will next face Lithuania in the semifinals of the World Cup on Thursday.


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