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Move over 76ers, the Knicks are the tankiest team in the NBA

They've lost 15 in a row spent most of the second half against the Hornets being doubled up. Congratulations to the Knicks, the NBA's worst team.

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This is not a typo:

Nor is it the most embarrassing scoreline from the Knicks' matinee against the Hornets. They were also losing 81-36, but I didn't get a good screencap of it. They were losing 64-31 at halftime... and then allowed a 15-3 run. After some strong garbage time play, they only lost 110-82. Only.

The Knicks' last win was Dec. 12, almost a full month ago. Their last win before that was Nov. 22. They have lost 15 in a row, and 25 of 26.

With Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire injured, this is their starting lineup:


One guy who's started for several NBA teams in Calderon, a guy who occasionally started for some bad-mediocre New Orleans teams in Smith, a decent second-year player in Hardaway, a guy who played sparingly for last year's Knicks in Aldrich, and a second-round draft pick in Early. That is not an NBA starting lineup. It more closely resembles the 6th-10th men for a team that won't make the playoffs.

For a long time, we made fun of the Philadelphia 76ers for their excessive tanking. After all,they lost their first 17 games, some by embarrassing margins.

But at least the 76ers are a very bad team developing young talented players like Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel on the fly. And they've managed to win six games this year, including two of their last three.

The Knicks have the fifth-highest payroll in the league. Two years ago, this team had the No. 2 record in the Eastern Conference. Face value for bad seats is over 100 dollars. And yet the Knicks have flipped the switch on full tank mode. They've overtaken the Sixers in the battle for last place, and it looks like they'll do whatever it takes to stay there.


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