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Mo Williams scores 52 points against the Pacers

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Out of nowhere, the Timberwolves' guard had the night of his life.

Let's play a game. Suppose I told you that one NBA player would score over 50 points on Tuesday night and you had to guess who. How many players would you name before you go to Mo Williams? A hundred? Two hundred? Three hundred? Yet that's exactly what happened, thanks in large part to absurd shots like this one with 5:29 left in the fourth quarter.

Williams finally got to the big 50 on a free throw with 33 seconds left and added two more points for an even 52. These were points 49 and 50, which goes to show you it was just his night.

He got points 51 and 52 after a wild sequence that featured a David West ejection and Frank Vogel technical foul. That allowed him to break Timberwolves' team record for points in a game, which was set by ... Corey Brewer, last year. The Timberwolves need less random players to set scoring records.

Williams has scored in bunches before -- he had 44 and 43 in one two-week stretch in 2009, for example -- but he's past his All-Star days and doesn't even play big minutes anymore. Yet he couldn't miss in the second half, dropping jumper after jumper on a Pacers team that's stingy defensively.