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David Blatt had the Cavaliers skip practice to go bowling

It worked, as the Cavaliers beat the Lakers on Thursday.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

NBA head coaches are always supposed to have a trick up their sleeve, whether it's a sneaky inbounds play or a previously unused lineup that shifts the momentum of a game. Cavaliers coach David Blatt's trick on Thursday was even more unorthodox. He surprised his team with a trip to a bowling alley when they boarded the morning bus on the day before a game against the Lakers.

Blatt and the Cavaliers have been under constant fire for their struggles this season, leading to questions about Blatt's job security. His spontaneous team outing diffused tension, though, helping Cleveland earn a 109-102 win against the Lakers in Los Angeles on Thursday to snap a six-game losing streak

"I think it was a surprise for most guys," Kevin Love told Chris Haynes of the Northwest Ohio Media Group. "It just helped so much. We all needed a break from it all."

Love struggled with back spasms during the game, but managed to draw a crucial charge late in the fourth quarter.

"It (bowling) didn't seem to affect too many people's jump shots. This man (J.R. Smith) was throwing a six-pound ball around," he said. "Those events are fun. We were able to go out there and bowl, eat bad food and enjoy ourselves. It had us loose for the game."