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Marcus Morris screamed at coach Jeff Hornacek in the huddle, apologized after the game

Marcus Morris lost his temper after being benched, but made amends after the game.

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There was a tense moment on the Suns' bench Wednesday night. Right after getting a technical foul penalized against him, an incensed Marcus Morris was subbed out by coach Jeff Hornacek. Morris wasn't happy about it and he let Hornacek know in a rather demonstrative manner, by getting in his face screaming:

It's rare to see a player go at it with his coach like that, which makes wondering if there were bigger issues at play a reasonable thing to do. That wasn't the case, according to what both Morris and Hornacek said post-game to Arizona Central:

"It was heat of the moment," Morris said. "Coach knows I've got a lot of respect for him. As soon as the game was over, I apologized to him and the team, especially the younger guys for them having to see that. I felt like I got hit in the nose and my nose was bleeding and he had took me out so I was really upset about it.

"When I apologized to Jeff, he said, 'You don't have to apologize.' He knows. He's been a player. I hate that it had to be televised like just because it seemed worse than what it was."

"He was mad about it and I took him out and that's the way it is," Hornacek said. "He's fine. We're all competing for the game. He said some things in the locker room to the guys. All good and you move on."

The hit Morris is referring to came in a loose ball scrum and it didn't look like a foul was committed. Morris didn't let go of it . After two minutes had gone by in the game clock and the Timberwolves called a timeout, he continued to bark at the official, who was quick to give him a technical. No one can blame Hornacek for benching a guy who was too emotional to help his team at that point. Obviously Morris' reaction was inappropriate, but he sounded genuinely sorry afterwards and his coach accepted the apology, so it's unlikely the incident has further repercussions.

The Suns went on to beat the Timberwolves, 113-111, thanks to a 42-point fourth quarter explosion. Morris didn't play in the final period.