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Jeff Van Gundy rips Dallas fans for booing DeAndre Jordan and cheering for Greg Hardy

The ESPN announcer thinks Dallas fans should focus their energy on booing Greg Hardy, not DeAndre Jordan.

DeAndre Jordan is visiting Dallas on Wednesday night for the first time since he reneged on his verbal commitment to join the Mavericks as a free agent this summer. Mavs fans were expected to treat Jordan with hostility, and that's exactly what has happened so far.

In between the endless booing and crowd shots of disgruntled fans holding up anti-Jordan signs, ESPN announcer Jeff Van Gundy ripped into Dallas for the way it was treating Jordan. Specifically, Van Gundy noted the "lunacy" of booing Jordan for changing his mind but cheering for someone like Greg Hardy. Hardy is a Dallas Cowboys defensive end who was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend in 2014.