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Chris Paul sends Rudy Gobert flailing back on his butt with dribble fake

Taking on CP3 isn't easy when you're 7'2.

Rudy Gobert is one of the best defensive players on the Utah Jazz. A big part of that is the 7'2 center's willingness to step out to the perimeter and take on smaller players. Except this time against the Clippers, Gobert got switched onto Chris Paul, and, well, that was probably asking a bit too much.

Most big men would quickly realize they're out of their element trying to guard Paul but Gobert, as skilled as he is, tries to lock in and contain the All-Star point guard. CP3 takes it directly at Gobert, knowing he has the obvious speed advantage, then makes a nice little move that throws the Frenchman completely off balanced. Gobert goes flying onto his butt and sliding across the floor, while Paul has himself a wide open jumper.

We appreciate the effort, Rudy, but it might be best to stick to defending players who are no more than, say, eight inches shorter than you.