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Just when you think it can't get worse, Kobe Bryant airballed a layup

The misses keep piling up.

It looked like Kobe Bryant was going to turn back time in what could have been his final game at Madison Square Garden. He hit three of his first five shots and resembled his old self. Then, the present hit hard. Bryant had a rough afternoon against the Knicks.

He had 18 points, but was only 6-of-19 from the field and a miserable 2-of-10 from three-point range. Plus, he took some terrible shots. None as bad as this one.

Yikes. A finger roll airball. Don't see that often.

Sadly for Bryant, it's a trend this season. He continues to airball shots that have no business being airballs.

Lakers' coach Byron Scott said he was "fine" with Bryant's shot selection earlier this week. He shouldn't be. It'll be interesting to see what he thinks of this scoop.

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