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Andre Drummond sees more 20/20s than an optometrist

Good morning. We have that and more in Monday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

ABOUT THIS WEEKEND ... This Reggie Jackson-Andre Drummond connection is really something, and Detroit is 5-1! The Pelicans are now 0-6. The Warriors remain unbeaten. The Rockets beat the Clippers without Chris Paul, but that game probably should have gone to overtime as refs missed a critical goaltending call. The Wizards lost all momentum because they heard Paul Flannery was doing his Sunday Shootaround on them and they wanted to give him an ulcer. The Lakers picked up their first win on Friday at the expense of the Nets, who remain winless (along with N.O. and Philly). Memphis may be in crisis. The Bulls might be less good than we thought. Minnesota is frisky as hell. Did we mention the Warriors are still the Warriors? We have some notable plays from the weekend action below.


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FORGET WHAT YOU KNEW ABOUT THE WIZARDS: There are promising signs of a team ready to actually compete for a title in Washington, assuming injury doesn't derail them (as it did on Saturday). Paul Flannery talks to Bradley Beal and the gang about what's changed and what they see themselves accomplishing. Plus, Sunday Shootaround has five more early observations, quotes of the week and your Vine of the Week. Enjoy.

IMPORTANT: Howard Beck with a deep dive on the trend of fewer black NBA head coaches gracing the sidelines. It's a pretty stark difference from just a few years ago. But while Beck suggests this is a new trend -- which allows many to pass it off as cyclical or a bump in the road -- my data suggests that the problem goes back two decades when you look specifically at first-time head coach hiring practices.

SPREAD YOUR LOVE: Mike Prada with some evidence that the Cavaliers know how to use Kevin Love now.

STRAIGHT SASS: James Harden is an L.A. dude, and you can tell by how much SASS he gives this sideline reporter over an innocent question.

YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE HIM PROCESSING THE CRAZY: Draymond Green's brain spasms as he hears a crazy Warriors stat.

MAGIC GRIFFIN: Dope open court dribble moves from Blake Griffin.

THERE IT IS: Kobe airballing a layup. Perfect.

HOWEVER! This is a beautiful comment from Kobe to old buddy Derek Fisher during Lakers-Knicks, in which Kobe insists that Fish is not running the Triangle Offense in New York.

AND FINALLY: Woj on Kobe's likely goodbye tour, which hit New York this weekend.

OH NO: Drake put the wood to Kevin Hart after someone posted a photo of the pair sharing a word with Chris Paul to Instagram. Rude.



IT'S LAAA-AAANCE: Threatened by the outstretched arm of Dwight Howard, Lance Stephenson lofts a layup ... over the backboard.

MEET HARRY GILES: Duke grabbed another hot prospect in Harry Giles. He'll be in the NBA soon enough. Ricky O'Donnell tells you what you need to know.

COOL: David Berri is out here predicting that LeBron is about to fall off something fierce.

WARNING: Do not try to roast Frank Kaminsky on Twitter dot com.

TONIGHT: NBA TV has Bulls-SIxers (7 p.m. ET). Your best League Pass options are Magic-Pacers (7 p.m. ET), Wolves-Hawks (8 p.m. ET), PISTONS-WARRIORS FINALS PREVIEW (10:30 p.m. ET) and Grizz-Clips (10:30 p.m. ET).

Happy Monday. See you next time.


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