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Steph Curry's brilliant quarter even had Hornets fans going nuts for him

28 points in one quarter will make fans do that.

We've reached the point where Stephen Curry is so good that even opposing arenas are cheering for him now. The Warriors guard torched the Hornets with an astonishing 28-point third quarter Wednesday night and the crowd at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte just couldn't help itself from celebrating his awesomeness:

It's one thing to see the fans at Oracle Arena going insane over Curry's antics on the court. It's something else to see it happen in a different arena on the other side of the country, even if that building happens to be located where Curry grew up and is hosting a celebration of his father, Dell. It's hard not to appreciate plays like this one, though, regardless of who you root for:

These cheers were way, way too loud to say they only came from his family. This was a full-blown Curry love fest happening thousands of miles from his home arena.

Curry scored 14 points over the final two minutes of the quarter. He's amazing. You can watch all 28 points here.

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