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Good morning. Goran Dragic is spicing up the NBA trade deadline.

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Good morning. Still no hoops. Whatever. Let's basketball.

A DANCE WITH DRAGIC: So this NBA trade deadline will see some blood and fire after all as Goran Dragic has told the Suns he will not re-sign there in July, reports Sam Amick. The Slovenian is apparently sore that the Suns hired Isaiah Thomas as insurance and stuck Dragic in the three-PG rotation that depresses his numbers and impact. Signing his brother Zoran to his first and probably only NBA contract apparently wasn't enough.

Multiple reporters indicate that Phoenix will acquiesce. Adrian Wojnarowski says that Dragic's list of acceptable destinations includes the Lakers, Heat and Knicks, which is a really bizarre list for an actual basketball player who has seen these teams play recently. The Pacers have also been mentioned, and Marc Spears reports the Kings are pushing hard to nab Dragic. The Rockets appears to be on the fringe of the race only because Dragic isn't interested in returning.

There's still a possibility that the Suns trade Isaiah in an effort to appease Dragic and hope they can still re-sign the Slovenian in the offseason. We'll have more on Dragic later this morning.

BOOMTOWN: Related to this topic, I offered up three predictions for the 2015 free agency madness just four months away. One of those predictions: guys like Dragic who can easily delay free agency one year (by picking up a player option) will do so, ensuring they cash in quickly on the massive salary explosion due to a new TV deal.

KOBE Q&A ALERT: Chuck Klosterman did a long piece with Kobe Bryant that came out alongside Kobe's big interview with Ahmad Rashad. Check both out.

YES: Russell Westbrook critiquing other people's fashion. What the world needs in the absence of Joan Rivers (RIP).

FAKE TRADES: Matt Ufford has three awesome trades that will never happen.

PERFECTION: The best NBA Vines of the season.

I BELIEVE IN JAHLIL OKAFOR: And Jahlil Okafor believes in mermaids. By the power of the transitive property, I now believe in mermaids. Thanks, Jahlil. (And the Discovery Channel.)

HE'S REALLY NOT NICE! Kevin Durant was saltier than lox nachos to Letterman's Intern Todd.

YIKESVILLE: 538's data suggests that Amare Stoudemire was the worst free agent signing in modern history, just beating Shawn Kemp's $50 million deal with Portland.

'GREEN' IS HIS LAST NAME: Woj reports that Draymond Green is interested in playing for the Pistons, his hometown team. More than anything this is a warning shot to the Warriors: pay Dray and watch him flirt with huge, perhaps poisonous offer sheets. I don't think Stan Van Gundy is one to be used as a pawn, but he doesn't have to lift a finger until July for this to happen around him. Speaking of the Warriors ...

TEAM EFFORT: Really great look at the odd and symbiotic Warriors front office by Tim Kawakami.

FERRY BACK? It's starting to sound like the groundwork for Danny Ferry to return to the NBA is being laid, this time with former Atlanta mayor and Civil Rights figure Andy Young endorsing him.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: The Bucks Bandwagon or the Wolves Bandwagon? I lean Milwaukee because the playoffs are so much more attainable, and the playoffs are really fun.

I AM INTRIGUED BY YOUR IDEAS: There is a pretty solid theory that Homer Simpson has been in a coma for 20 years.

Happy Trade Deadline Eve. See you next time.


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