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Clippers blow sure victory after 4-point play, Jarrett Jack game-winner

That'll hurt.

What a weird game in Brooklyn. The Clippers-Nets contest featured one of the strangest first-quarter lines you'll ever see, an intentional foul-off between DeAndre Jordan and Mason Plumlee and this. This is a four-point play by Alan Anderson, of all people, to give the Nets a two-point lead.

Oh yeah, there was also this. After the Clippers tied it up, Jarrett Jack won it for the Nets.

That's in Jordan's face. How did Jack even get that shot off, much less make it?

On the ensuing play, Spencer Hawes tried throwing it in, getting it back and passing the ball in 1.3 seconds, which predictably failed. What a collapse. The Clippers led by nine with 1:46 left and will instead exit Brooklyn with a crushing loss that could come back to bite them in a tightly packed Western Conference.