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Craig Sager returning to TV in March after beating leukemia

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is fantastic. After missing (but watching) the end of the 2014 NBA season and playoffs while undergoing treatment for acute leukemia, Craig Sager is healthy and ready to make the return he teased during All-Star Weekend. His son made the announcement on Twitter:

Craig Jr., who donated bone marrow to his dad to help the recovery, also announced that Sager will be back for March Madness coverage, bracket tie and all:

So, he'll be here for the end of the NBA regular season, the NCAA playoffs, and then the NBA playoffs. We're going from far too little in the way of snazzy outfits and cheeky sideline interviews on our basketball TV to exactly enough. We're so glad to have you back, Sages.