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Watch Anthony Davis save the Pelicans with a double-clutch, buzzer-beating 3

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This game-winner looks incredible watching it. Somehow, it's even more incredible in a still-frame:

After the shot, Monty Williams did this:

Anthony Davis' team did everything to fumble the game away against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Thus, he had to take matters into his own hands. This amazing double-clutch three -- his first of the season! --  gave the New Orleans Pelicans a 116-113 victory after they made two terrible mistakes to allow the Thunder to tie it.

Those mistakes would have cost mere mortals, but not Anthony Davis. The Pelicans led by one with 17 seconds remaining and forced Kevin Durant to miss a jumper. Tyreke Evans, who had just bricked two free throws on the previous play, came down with the rebound and wanted NOTHING to do with the ball. The problem ...

... he threw the ball right to Durant. Luckily, Omer Asik was there to protect the basket and the Pelicans rebounded the ball with 2.8 seconds left. After two free throws, they held a three-point lead. All they needed to do was prevent the Thunder from getting a three off, and ...

That's Quincy Pondexter running right over Russell Westbrook instead of contesting the shot like he should have. Westbrook hit all three free throws -- his 46th, 47th and 48th points of the game -- to set up the final Davis sequence.

The shot has massive implications on the West playoff race. The Pelicans are just one game behind the Phoenix Suns — who beat the Utah Jazz 100-93 on Friday night — for eighth place in the West. The win also puts New Orleans two games ahead of the Thunder and gives them a 3-1 head-to-head advantage, so they'd have the tiebreaker if the two teams are tied.

All because of Anthony Davis' first three of the season. But maybe we shouldn't be surprised.


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