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Kevin Love says there is no scenario where he signs with the Lakers

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The Cavs big man shot down potential rumors of a return to Los Angeles.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Kevin Love's status this season and beyond remains one of the biggest questions surrounding the Cavaliers. Cleveland played the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday and while Love had one of his better games of the year on the court, there were still questions after about his future. Love didn't leave much room for interpretation on whether he could sign with the Lakers.

Love is under contract for next season, but will have the opportunity to opt out this offseason. The Lakers will have some salary cap space to work with and Love played his college basketball at UCLA, leading some to speculate he'd be interested in returning to Los Angeles.

Love definitively shooting down the rumors could be the end or it may have been a necessary answer to quell rumors and try to turn the focus back to the court. Love's transition to Cleveland hasn't exactly been smooth. By shooting down all speculation for now, Love did his best to reduce outside rumors and focus on this season. It's the same strategy he's taken all along as he's continually insisted he won't leave Cleveland.

If Love was being literal and there is no chance he'd sign with Los Angeles, the Lakers will have to turn their focus to a potential free agent crop featuring LaMarcus Aldridge, Marc Gasol, Paul Millsap, Rajon Rondo and others.

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