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James Harden suspended 1 game for kicking LeBron James in the groin

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Rockets star James Harden has been suspended one game for kicking LeBron James below the belt during a scramble for a loose ball in the third quarter of Houston's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday, the league announced.

Here's a look at the play:

Houston's next game comes on Tuesday at Atlanta.

Harden was assessed a flagrant foul for the play but stayed in the game and helped key an overtime win for the Rockets. Harden was outstanding throughout the afternoon, finishing with 33 points, eight rebounds and five assists on 8-of-18 shooting. James, meanwhile, scored 37 but missed a pair of free throws with four seconds remaining and his team trailing by one point to cement the loss.

The Rockets are currently 41-18 and sit in third place in the Western Conference. After going to Atlanta on Tuesday, Houston comes home to host the Grizzlies on Wednesday and then the Pistons on Friday.

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