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Enes Kanter destroyed by former teammate in return to Utah

Enes Kanter tried to light the Jazz on fire before his return to Salt Lake. The Jazz got the last laugh.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Enes Kanter went full heel on Saturday in his return to Salt Lake City, where he spent the first three-plus years of his NBA career. Before the Thunder's evening game against the Jazz, Kanter burned the franchise that drafted him, saying he never enjoyed being there and that he considered OKC to have a much more professional franchise. When he was introduced for the game, he soaked up the boos and played up the hate.

The Thunder lost. The Jazz relished in the opportunity to rub it in Kanter's face. And Trevor Booker got the finishing blow.

OUCH, man.

Tony Jones from the Salt Lake Tribune has more quotes from Jazzians on Kanter's antics, including Gordon Hayward admitting that the Turk had "pissed off" the team. Who said the NBA in March isn't exciting?