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Good morning. Stephen Curry is just showing off now.

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Good morning. Let's basketball.

RUDY GOBERT CHANGES EVERYTHING: As soon as the Jazz traded Enes Kanter and promoted Rudy Gobert, their defense has been fire. Paul Flannery talks to Gobert and Utah coach Quin Snyder to discover the inner secrets of cult sensation Gobert's impact on Derrick Favors and Dante Exum. Excellent primer on a name you'll be hearing more and more.

THE CHEF AT WORK: Jeff Van Gundy called this Stephen Curry dribble move the best he's ever seen in the NBA. I'm not particularly inclined to disagree with him. Good lord. (Two days early, he dropped jaws with a casual wraparound in the lane.)

DOUBLE TAKE: There was a better Vine to come out of Warriors-Clippers -- a Golden State rout -- however. Dahntay Jones bumps Draymond Green during the latter's Lisa Salters post-game interview, and Day Day's reaction is ... priceless. Then, a bit later, Green buried Jones by saying that if he gets suspended the Clippers might not even notice. HE'S COMING AT YOUR PLAYING TIME, DUDE. Just another chapter in the wonderfully bleak Clippers-Warriors rivalry.

IT MUST BE SPRING: Lance Stephenson has climbed out of his hole like Punxsutawney Phil and danced mid-play to celebrate a pass he made, so it must be spring.

DAMAGE CONTROL: Rajon Rondo tells Marc Spears that the drama with the Mavericks and specifically Rick Carlisle is overblown and that he still might re-sign there.

TRAP GODS: The Hawks beat the Cavaliers on Friday, using lots of traps. Mike Prada breaks it down.

I DON'T KNOW, Y'ALL: I'm just not convinced Allen Iverson hugging the new Sixers mascot is necessarily an endorsement of the new Sixers mascot.

ANOTHER BIGTIME HUG: Z-Bo celebrates a victory by hugging a nearby World War II veteran.

ALL BIZ: Kevin Arnovitz on the businesslike approach of the Hawks.

NIQUE NIGHT: The Hawks celebrated Dominique Wilkins on Friday night with a statue and a dope 3-D court video. Sarah Kogod asked him about his five biggest NBA moments.

REST VS. REPETITION: Interesting column from Buck Harvey on Gregg Popovich's innovation (resting your stars) has affected the league and guys who don't do that, like Tom Thibodeau.

OKAY: Reggie Miler says that in the course of his early trash talk, MJ used to call himself Black Jesus.

THIS IS HORRIBLY SAD: Iona star Isaiah Williams talks about the friends -- 24 of them -- he has lost to gun violence in Newark.

AT LEAST THE LAKERS HAVE THAT: Jordan Clarkson is actually pretty good.

STILL A DARN GOOD QUESTION: Why can't Patrick Ewing get a serious look at a head coach position?

THE FUTURE: Andrew Sharp on Kentucky's two-headed big-man monster.

AND FINALLY: Blindfold dunks rarely go this far off track.

Happy Monday. See you next time.


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