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The Knicks won a meaningless game and their fans are ANGRY

This is so Knicks.

All the New York Knicks had to do is lose -- and they've been losing all season.

New York was in the driver's seat for the worst record in the NBA, an dubious accomplishment that would have brought them the best odds at the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft lottery. Instead, the Knicks beat the Orlando Magic by one point on Saturday and followed it up Monday night with a 112-98 victory over the Atlanta Hawks.

Our Knicks community Posting and Toasting said it well:

This was a very bad team beating a very good team. Good for them for doing that. It's stupid and it sucks, but the odds are still close to the best, and life will go on. Maybe there are basketball gods and maybe they smile upon games like this one. These are the things I depend on when the math slips away.

As you might imagine, their fans weren't super happy about it:

Also worth noting:

The Knicks: even when they win, they still lose.