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Mark Jackson doesn't pick Stephen Curry for MVP, which pissed off Andrew Bogut

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Curry's former coach said he'd go with James Harden, which amused longtime Jackson enemy Andrew Bogut.

Mark Jackson's relationship with seemingly everyone in Golden State since he was fired last summer has been rocky, particularly with co-owner Joe Lacob.

On Thursday, he gave a radio interview saying that Stephen Curry "is my guy" but that he'd vote for James Harden for MVP looking at the season as a whole.

"If you twisted my arm today, I would probably vote for James Harden," Jackson said via CSN Bay Area. "And the reason why is because he single-handedly has put that Houston Rockets team in position that they're in today."

That's a reasonable opinion, but it didn't take well in the Golden State locker room, though, particularly with Andrew Bogut.

"Well, it was April Fool's Day," he said, via ESPN's Ethan Sherwood Strauss. Then, "What's that guy's name? Mark? I don't remember his name."

A day later, Curry was asked about Jackson's comments. He admitted they "surprised him" because he was one of Jackson's most vocal defenders last season. Curry also said that Jackson could have picked Harden to fight the perception that he's a "big homer" that only champions his former players.

Jackson's in a tough position because his comments get extra attention as a well-known figure and broadcaster. He was fired and doesn't owe the Warriors anything, regardless of how his comments may be taken.