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Dwight Howard will be suspended for a potential Game 6 after 7th technical foul

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If the Houston Rockets force a Game 6 against the Golden State Warriors, Dwight Howard won't be allowed to play. Howard picked up his seventh technical foul of the playoffs during the second quarter of Game 5, meaning he will be hit with an automatic suspension for the next game.

Howard and Andrew Bogut were hit with a double technical foul for jawing at each other. Here's a look at the play:

The foul could still be rescinded. If that happens, he would be able to play in a hypothetical Game 6. Howard's status would be the focus going into Game 6 should the Rockets win. The NBA reviews technical fouls after the game and Howard wouldn't be the first notable player to have a technical rescinded in order to avoid a suspension. Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook had a technical rescinded that allowed him to play in the regular season finale.

Howard has been playing especially well in Game 5 and already has 11 points and eight rebounds.