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Dwight Howard says 'I'm still a champion,' right after being eliminated

And he won't let anyone tell him differently.

The Rockets lost Game 5 against the Warriors on Wednesday and were eliminated from the playoffs. Still, Dwight Howard told the media after the game that "no matter how the season ends, I'm still a champion. And I won't let anyone tell me different."

Obviously, Dwight Howard is not actually a champion. There is no NBA champion yet this season and the closest he got to winning it all was when he led the Orlando Magic to the finals in 2009. So, unfortunately, we have to tell him differently, even if he doesn't want to listen.

Howard was talking about the rough year he had dealing with injuries and wanted to highlight his valiant effort to return and play at a high level. That's admirable. It does not, however, make one a champion.

So to recap, Dwight Howard, not a champion. Sorry Dwight. There's always next year.