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The best moments from the Warriors' championship parade

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The NBA champions' parade was as memorable as their season.

The 2015 NBA champions had their parade. The Warriors traveled the streets of Oakland before arriving at the Lake Merritt Boulevard. Half a million fans congregated to celebrate the franchise's first title in 40 years, which took place in one of the team's last seasons in the city before moving across the bay to San Francisco.

The organization honored past glories as well as city officials, but the real protagonists were obviously the players. The entire roster received ovations from the crowd, which recognized the effort and excellence of a team that will go down in history as one of the best ever.

There was an atmosphere of pure joy in the celebrations, not unlike the one that covered Oracle Arena for 41 games this past season. From an appearance by Riley Curry to a weird Draymond Green dissing the Cavaliers, it was an event that both the audience and players enjoyed. Let's take a look at the best moments.

Finals MVP Andre Iguodala is overjoyed.

M.C. Hammer on a fire-breathing snail.

Draymond Green and Marshawn Lynch on the toughest double-decker bus in recorded history.

Draymond got off the bus and went into the crowd.

Riley and Steph arrive and the crowd goes nuts.

Riley collects confetti!

Draymond, who might have had an adult beverage or two, roasted the Cavaliers, E-40 style.

Draymond's mother shares a hug with Marshawn Lynch.

Play-by-play man Bob Fitzgerald couldn't resist one more jab at the officials.

Co-owner Joe Lacob was verrrryyyyy excited and guaranteed a repeat.

Riley Curry was bored.

But that didn't stop fans from going nuts for her.

Klay Thompson took a selfie with the trophy.

Draymond Green brought us back to life.

Draymond promised a "controversial" speech, but Steve Kerr saved him from himself.

Stephen Curry spoke last, and brought Riley up with him! But Riley had stage fright.