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NBA free agency rumors 2015: DeAndre Jordan, Tyson Chandler sign-and-trade could be in play

A sign-and-trade could be beneficial for both the Mavericks and Clippers if Jordan decides to go to Dallas.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If DeAndre Jordan chooses the Dallas Mavericks in upcoming NBA free agency, the Clippers will push for a sign-and-trade involving Tyson Chandleraccording to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne.

Because Los Angeles is handicapped and have no cap space to sign a replacement for Jordan if he leaves in free agency, they would love to bring in Chandler as a temporary replacement. Chandler is 32 years old but would work well as a temporary replacement. The Mavericks would be letting him go anyway if they sign Jordan and in return, could trade away Raymond Felton (and his $4 million contract).

However, Chandler has the final say. He could also prefer Milwaukee, who has a young nucleus and is coached by former teammate Jason KiddThe Bucks are hoping that relationship can help lure him away from Dallas.

If Jordan returns to Los Angeles, there's a good chance that Chandler returns to the Mavericks in some fashion.

Aldridge wants to keep playing with Robin Lopez

LaMarcus Aldridge is just one of several Trail Blazers free agents this summer, with center Robin Lopez also hitting free agency. Teams looking to sign Aldridge would be wise to bring Lopez along with them, according to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports.

Those two are a functional fit, with Lopez making up for Aldridge's average defense and rebounding when paired together.

Rondo only wants a one-year deal

After a miserable year that ended in his dismissal from the Mavericks, Rajon Rondo is looking for a one-year deal to reestablish himself as a quality NBA player and take advantage of next year's rising cap. One team that is interested in the championship point guard is the Kings -- and Rudy Gay in particular.

Carlos Boozer has several suitors

Boozer had a surprisingly decent season hidden among the doldrums of last year's Lakers squad. He averaged 12 points and seven rebounds on 50 percent shooting in 24 minutes per night, but with Los Angeles coveting cap space, the plan was always for him to move on this offseason. The Nets, Mavericks, Rockets, Lakers, Heat and Spurs all have interest for the right price, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard.