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Good morning. I hope you brought your checkbook.

A morning roundup of the NBA free agent madness.

Good morning. Happy free agency. Do you feel a little bit richer this morning? If you are an NBA player, you should. If you have the controlling interest in an NBA team, you should definitely not.

COMPREHENSIVE RUMOR TRACKER: A constantly updated list of all the major rumors and deals. Keep that open in a tab over the next couple weeks.

THINGS ARE CUCKOO: And hey, Paul Flannery and I talked about how cuckoo things might get!

BROWZILLIONAIRE: Anthony Davis quickly agreed to a 5-year max extension worth $145 million. He can't opt out until 2020. Kudos, New Orleans.

MAXED OUT: The Spurs shook with Kawhi Leonard on a 5-year $90 million max with no apparently opt-out opportunities. Leonard refusing to sign for less a year ago paid off. The Spurs still "won" by getting him locked up through 2020. He'll be a bargain that entire run.

THE BIG WTF: The first shocker to hit the street after the stroke of midnight: the Blazers reached a 4-year, $30 million deal with Al-Farouq Aminu 20 minutes into free agency. Folks accurately argued that once the new TV money bumps up the salary cap this deal will not seem so outrageous. I would argue that it's still $30 million for a pretty limited player.

LATE NIGHT RENDEZVOUSES: DeAndre Jordan met with the Mavericks for a surprise dinner. LaMarcus Aldridge had his planned meetings with the Lakers and Rockets. Greg Monroe met with the Knicks and Bucks. Paul Pierce talked with the Wizards. Aron Baynes met with a Bud Light, probably.

BROOKLYN DOIN' BROOKLYN: Looks like Brook Lopez will stay with the Nets for $60 million over three years and Thad Young will take home $50 million over four years. I ... kind of like what Brooklyn is doing?

BIG BUCKS: Khris Middleton will take that 5-year, $70 million contract from the Bucks, thank you very much.

BY THE WAY: I predicted where all of the top 50 free agents would sign and for how much. These predictions are pretty mixed so far. And by mixed I mean terrible.

DANNY GREEN! I wrote that Danny Green is the most underrated big-time free agent and is worth a mint. And then I find out that my Kings and also the Pistons are wooing him.

MONTA-NAPOLIS: The Pacers are reportedly wooing Monta Ellis and will have him for a visit on Wednesday. The great and powerful Woj pegs the number at three years, $32 million.

NEAT: The Lakers got a meeting with Kevin Love this week.

PATRICK BEVERLEY IS POPULAR: Teams including the Knicks and Cavaliers are trying to do what the Mavs did on Chandler Parsons last year.

INTERESTING: If the Mavericks do nab DAJ, Tyson Chandler could go back to the Clippers in a sign-and-trade.

RONDOOOOOO: The Kings are putting a press on Rajon Rondo, apparently, thanks to Rudy Gay.

Happy Wednesday. We'll have rolling free agency coverage all day and month. See you next time.


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