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LaMarcus Aldridge reportedly turned down the Lakers because they didn't talk enough about basketball

The big man won't be signing with LA.

LaMarcus Aldridge will not be signing with the Los Angeles Lakersaccording to Mike Bresnahan. Aldridge reportedly didn't like the basketball fit in Los Angeles, and "didn't quite gel" with star Kobe Bryantaccording to Bresnahan. The Lakers were Aldridge's first meeting in free agency.

Aldridge's agency, Wasserman Media Group, denied the report that Aldridge has ruled any team out.

The Lakers' presentation reportedly focused too much on "outside opportunities" and not enough on basketball, according to Adrian Wojnarwoski of Yahoo! Sports. The Lakers went into the meeting with the hope of shedding enough salary cap space to lure both Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan, but it would have been impossible for both players to get max deals even if they traded everyone but Kobe Bryant and young players like D'Angelo Russell and Julius Randle.

With Kevin Love re-signing in Cleveland and Aldridge reportedly favoring the San Antonio Spurs, the Lakers' big plans in free agency might be foiled for a second straight year. Has Los Angeles as a market lost its appeal to superstars, or is this simply an issue of not having enough talent on the roster to win immediately?

Aldridge was also reportedly impressed by the Rockets' presentation:

Wojnarowski confirms the Blazers' chances shouldn't be discounted, either.


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