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Mavericks could trade for Roy Hibbert if they can't sign DeAndre Jordan

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Getting Hibbert would be a solid stopgap move.

The Mavericks will consider adding Roy Hibbert in a salary dump move by the Pacers if they can't sign DeAndre Jordanreports ESPN's Tim MacMahon.

With Tyson Chandler leaving, the Mavericks are lacking a starting center and have been heavily pursuing Jordan to fill that void. Jordan is reportedly deciding between Dallas and the Clippers, so the Mavericks front office is looking at other options. Trading for Hibbert appears to be one of their backup plans.

Hibbert was not long ago a key cog of the Pacers teams that made back-to-back conference finals appearances, stymieing opponents at the rim with his length. After not developing offensively and being surrounded by a lesser supporting cast, he has now become a burden for the Pacers, who want to play at a faster pace. They were hoping Hibbert would opt out of his contract, but he decided to return for a final year that will pay him $15.5 million.

The Pacers would love to unload Hibbert on a team with cap space, but there are not many who have a need at center and can also fit him under the cap. The Mavericks would check off all the marks if they can't lure Jordan to Dallas. Hibbert would give them the rim protector they need and they have enough offensive weapons to hide him on that end. His contract expires after next season, which will allow to Dallas maintain maximum flexibility. It's not a bad consolation prize, especially if the Pacers include another asset in their attempt to dump Hibbert.

The Mavericks will remain in the hunt for Jordan until the end, but if they strike out then trading for Hibbert would represent a good short-term fix that doesn't compromise their future.