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The Spurs finally won something

Good morning. Coverage of the Spurs' Summer League title, the Ty Lawson trade and more in Tuesday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

WIN-WIN-WIN: I wrote about the Ty Lawson deal, arguing that it works for both teams plus the headline player. Zach Lowe reported Monday that Lawson actually agreed to make the final year of his contract non-guaranteed to facilitate the trade, so I guess we have that demand to look forward to in the future. (As in teams demanding that dice-roll players do that.)

ON MUDIAY: Kevin O'Connor writes that Emmanuel Mudiay won't be the type of rookie to save Denver in Year 1, but that's okay in the grand scheme.


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CONGRATULATIONS, SPURS: Your long title drought has ended with a Vegas Summer League Championship! (Kudos to Becky Hammon, who is slowly but surely shutting up all of the doubters.) This Kyle Anderson pass in the title game was absolutely not fair.

COTTAGE INDUSTRY: Jared Zwerling looks at how one week in July has turned into a sort of basketball job fair in Vegas thanks to Summer League.

WHAT AN AAU EVENT IS LIKE: Ricky O'Donnell covered the Nike Global Challenge in Chicago over the weekend. He takes us behind the scenes: "Just about every notable college basketball coach in the country was standing along the sideline as the national anthem played before a semifinal game at the Nike Global Challenge on Saturday afternoon in Chicago. [...] When the last note played, the Spotify playlist controlling the music went to its next song. It was Future's 'F*ck Up Some Commas.'" GLORIOUS.

WOW: All 53 of Dirk Nowitzki's teammates since winning the championship, ranked.

DARK CLOUD? Charley Rosen occupies a very odd place, and it's hard to know how seriously to take his Phil Jackson paraphrasing, but the stuff about J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert is, if nothing else, an interesting purported window into Phil's Knicks.

FINALLY: Something Mark Cuban says for which I can get fully on board.

DIESEL WINS BY TKO: The only thing Shaq could have done to better make his case against Scottie Pippen is apply the Crying MJ meme.

EVERY PLAYER A STORY: David Aldridge's Morning Tip talks about the hundreds of unknown players in Vegas and more.

LIFE AND DEATH AND ROGER: My man Zito Madu on Roger Federer, his grandmother and mortality.

DISPELLING THE MASCULINE MYTHS: I enjoy reading Kavita A. Davidson on all topics, but especially on women in sports rejecting and defeating myths about masculinity and femininity.

Happy Tuesday. See you next time.

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