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Good morning. We're still waiting on LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan.

That and more in Friday's NBA newsletter.

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Good morning. Let's basketball.

THAT LAKE ERIE MONEY: Paul Flannery notes how much flippin' money the Cavaliers are committing, money well spent.

WADE'S BACK: A major domino fell when Dwyane Wade agreed to return to the Heat for $20 million next season. It's a nice deal for both sides: Miami maintains flexibility for 2016 and Wade makes more than the $15 million he had lined up under his player option.

LAKER UPDATE: They haven't signed anyone. Laker Mystique is dead. There's also the small matter of Jim Buss' promise to resign if the Lakers aren't great by 2017, a promise his sister is holding him to it would appear.

LESSONS: Mike Prada has five things we've learned in free agency, including that cap space actually doesn't matter.

WAITING ON ... LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan still. Both guys wrapped up their planned meetings. Aldridge is said to be torn and Jordan is considering both the Mavericks and Clippers. Robin Lopez actually has a deal with the Knicks lined up if Jordan doesn't sign there (he's not signing there). Aldridge had a second meeting with the Lakers to focus on basketball (it doesn't seem to have helped) and a surprise dinner with Pat Riley (whose team doesn't have cap space). It appears both guys will likely make decisions on Friday.

SPEAKING OF THE MAVERICKS ... Dallas landed Wes Matthews, who turned down a four-year, $64 million offer from the Kings, because Kings. He'll make less in Dallas, but we won't know how much less until we find out what Jordan does. Monta Ellis also declined the Kings' superior offer on Thursday, signing with the Pacers for about $4 million less than Sacramento's offer. So yes, things are going swell in California's capital, thanks for asking.

TIMMY'S BACK! Tim Duncan unceremoniously declared he'll play next season. Contract to be worked out.

JUST BUCKIN' GREAT: Greg Monroe signs a short max with Milwaukee, who is interesting. They also traded Jared Dudley to the Wizards.

MORE MORE MORE: Here's the master list of other deals, like ones for Ed Davis, Thomas Robinson, Aron Baynes and more.


SHAQ CAN SHOOT APPARENTLY: He's good with tiny balls.

FUEL FOR MY SOUL: Nerlens Noel dunks on a small child.

FRIDAY LISTENING: I joined Zach Lowe's Lowe Post podcast to talk Kings and more.

ZILLERBAIT: Jimmy Butler talks about his courtside chats with Taylor Swift.

TAKING IT WELL: Luke Ridnour is in really good spirits for someone who has been traded four times in a week.

Happy Friday. We'll be back with abbreviated newsletters over the weekend.


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