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Becky Hammon will coach Spurs' summer league team

Hammon will become the first woman to be head coach of a summer league team.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Becky Hammon will coach the Spurs' Las Vegas summer league team, according to Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News. Hammon will become the first woman to serve as a head coach of a summer league team.

Hammon joined the Spurs in the 2014-15 season as an assistant coach, becoming the first full-time female assistant in the history of the league. Now she will make history by being the head coach of the Spurs' summer league team, a year after Natalie Nakase served as assistant coach for the Clippers' summer league entry.

Hammon is one of four assistant coaches on San Antonio's bench, along with Ettore Messina, James Borrego and Ime Udoka. Messina is an accomplished coach that recently joined the Spurs after an illustrious career in Europe, while Borrego was hired this season after coaching with the Orlando Magic last season. The Spurs like giving their least experienced assistants a chance to cut their teeth in summer league. Udoka coached in Vegas last season, so it's not surprising Hammon is getting a shot this year. Video coordinator Will Hardy will coach the Spurs' Utah summer league team.

The move further proves that the Spurs hired Hammon solely because of her basketball acumen and knowledge, and not in any way as a publicity stunt. We might still be a few years away from the first female NBA head coach but Hammon is blazing the trail with the full support of the progressive Spurs organization.