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Good morning. DeAndre Jordan just dunked all over the Clippers.

That and more in Saturday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

WARMER TIMES IN WISCONSIN: Paul Flannery writes that MIlwaukee has proven it's no longer NBA Siberia.

HOLY SHIFT: The Clippers lost DeAndre Jordan to the Mavericks, and yes, L.A. is totally screwed, as Mike Prada writes. Sign-and-trades are going to be difficult to pull off, Roy Hibbert or Nene probably aren't gettable given L.A.'s assets and the centers who will sign for what the Clippers can offer are dudes like Jeff Withey, Joel Freeland and Henry Sims. Yeah.

Mark Cuban says that if Jordan wouldn't have taken Dallas' money, the Mavericks would finally have tanked out.

Kevin Arnovitz's piece on why DeAndre left the Clippers is a riveting piece on a bunch of complicated relationships.

SACRAMEN-DOH! Rajon Rondo in fact took a 1-year, $10 million deal from Sacramento. He joins Marco Belinelli, who earlier in the day agreed to a 3-year, $19 million deal. These deals are not awful in isolation: they provide some depth to a team that desperately needs it, and Belinelli is a good shooter. The problem is what it cost Sacramento (a prospect, a pick and two pick swaps) to get the cap space to sign these guys. They should have about $10 million left. They need two forwards, in my estimation.

LMA WATCH: LaMarcus Aldridge is reportedly down to the Suns and Spurs. No telling when he'll decide.

ANOTHER BIG TREE: Tobias Harris re-upped with the Magic on a 4-year, $64 million deal. Enjoy some more time with Scott Skiles!

ANOTHER KNICK SIGNING! New York grabbed Derrick Williams with a 2-year, $10 million deal. He'll be fine.

BEVERLEY: The Rockets locked up Patrick Beverley for $25 million over four years. Smart signing.

EVERYTHING ELSE: Your Lavoy Allens and such can be find in our master signing list.

AWESOME: Becky Hammon will coach the Spurs in Summer League.

CULTURE ALERT: Latvian rappers made a video for Kristaps Porzingis.

OH NEAT: Anthony Davis is apparently drilling threes now.

Happy Independence Day. Do not lose a limb or burn down anything, please. See you Sunday.


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