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Spurs 'aggressively pursuing' free agent David West, per report

After signing LaMarcus Aldridge, the Spurs are looking to make their roster even more dangerous.

The San Antonio Spurs are "aggressively pursuing" free agent David West at the veteran's minimum, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

LaMarcus Aldridge announced his decision to sign in San Antonio on Saturday morning and the news of West came on minutes later. After signing Aldridge to a four-year, $80-million contract, the Spurs only have room to sign West to the minimum. However, West is reportedly looking to play with a contender and may be willing to sacrifice salary to join the loaded Spurs.

West spent his last four seasons with the Indiana Pacers but they never advanced further than the Eastern Conference Finals. After trading Tiago Splitter to clear room for Aldridge, the Spurs need a third big and the 34-year-old West is more than capable of filling in. He averaged 11.7 points on 47.1 percent shooting last season while grabbing 6.8 rebounds per game.

The other two teams pursuing West are the Cleveland Cavaliers and Washington Wizards, both of which could offer West more than the veteran's minimum. Cleveland has recently come on strong for West's services.

With Aldridge, the Spurs have immediately put themselves back in the top tier in the Western Conference along with the Golden State Warriors. If they convince West to sign, the rich only get richer.

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