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Here are the top 25 NBA free agents remaining

We're running out of big names, but there are still plenty of NBA free agents available for the discerning GM.

It's only July 6, but a huge chunk of NBA free agents have already locked up new deals. The first six days of the free agent period featured frenzied action, huge contracts and lots of intrigue, with LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan both changing teams.

The downside to all that early excitement is that we're now in a position where Josh Smith, Enes Kanter, J.R. Smith and Jordan Hill are all among the top 10 free agents left on the board. Yep. If your GM was asleep at the wheel last week, your team is in trouble.

With that said, there are plenty of interesting names left and still some salary space to be used. Here's our list of the top 25 uncommitted based on my comprehensive June rankings. (The player's original free agent ranking is in parentheses.) You can also see our comprehensive list of deals to date. Enjoy!

1. LeBron James (1)

Reports suggest he'll sign once the contract issues with Tristan Thompson are ironed out. There is no reason whatsoever to believe there's anything to worry about here. He'll get the max. We're just wondering if he'll be able to rejoin free agency in 2016 or not until 2017.

2. Marc Gasol (3)

There's still no word on Gasol, but he's not going anywhere: other teams never really began the chase. It's interesting that news broke early Monday that Gasol won't play in Eurobasket for Spain. Perhaps part of his deal with the Grizzlies is to limit international play? UPDATE: Gasol agreed to a five-year maximum contract with the Grizzlies, as expected.

3. Tristan Thompson (17)

Despite early reports to the contrary, Thompson seemingly hasn't reached a max deal with Cleveland. No word on the nature of the hold-up, though it's said to be relatively minor. The Cavaliers can't possibly let him get away given that he shares an agent with LeBron and was so valuable to Cleveland during the playoffs. (Plus, he's a restricted free agent.) This will probably wrap up unceremoniously.

4. David West (41)

West is flirting with contenders only after leaving $12 million on the table by opting out of his Pacers deal. The Spurs, Cavaliers and Wizards have been mentioned, and it looks like he'll end up taking a portion of a mid-level or the veteran's minimum, whatever the case. He really had better sign with Cleveland, Golden State or San Antonio if he's truly chasing a ring. UPDATE: He is! He took an $11 million pay cut to join the Spurs.

5. Josh Smith (48)

The Kings were said to be Smith's top suitor, but they went a different direction by locking up Kosta Koufos. Now we'll see if the Rockets are willing to bring Smoove back above a minor deal or if that's their limit. There are no other obvious suitors unless a contender decides to roll the dice. Here's my fever dream scenario: is there a chance a Chinese team could drop a Godfather offer on Smith? He could average a quadruple-double.

6. Enes Kanter (50)

Kanter was said to be discussing a deal near the post-rookie maximum with Oklahoma City, but there's been little noise on that of late. The Thunder already locked Kyle Singler and watched the RFA they sent out in the Kanter deal -- Reggie Jackson -- take $80 million. It's hard to see how Kanter has any leverage at this point. There isn't a ton of cap space left out there. If OKC won't concede on a max-ish deal, is he a candidate to sign the qualifying offer?

7. J.R. Smith (51)

Cleveland's flirtation with an expensive Joe Johnson trade feels like a direct threat to Smith. The Cavaliers are a perfect fit for him and it's a bit curious he hasn't reached a deal yet, especially given that he left money and a chance to hit free agency in 2016 on the table.

8. Jordan Hill (52)

The Lakers have apparently moved on, trading for Roy Hibbert. That's bad news for Hill, who actually isn't bad in a proper third big man role. Could he be a desperate option for the other L.A. team in the wake of the DeAndre Jordan exit?

9. Manu Ginobili (54)

The Spurs are reportedly lobbying Manu to sign on, but we all await his decision. The best Argentine basketball player ever has a real shot at title No. 5 if he returns. UPDATE: He'll be back.

10. Dorell Wright (56)

His limited role in Portland seems to be costing him in free agency. Have teams forgotten that Wright is only 29 and once led the NBA in threes made and attempted? Plenty of teams need shooting and could use a player like Wright.

11. Leandro Barbosa (62)

The Warriors' sparkplug might have earned himself a contract too rich for Golden State to justify given the team's depth. That could change if the team finds a new home for David Lee soon. Otherwise, if Barbosa wants to continue his career, he can certainly find a small deal out there.

12. Wayne Ellington (63)

There had been rumors the Lakers would bring Ellington back on a cheap deal since free agency's start, but it's been quiet since then. He'd be a good fit in L.A. assuming the Lakers successfully shed Nick Young -- it'd be nice to have at least one guard there who doesn't need the ball. Ellington could find success elsewhere as a third or fourth guard, though. He's malleable.

13. Andre Miller (64)

The Kings signed Rajon Rondo and still have Darren Collison and Ray McCallum under contract, so that may be it for The Professor and George Karl. He can absolutely still play 15-20 minutes a game in the NBA, though. I'm a little surprised teams like Dallas are looking at Jeremy Lin instead of Miller, to be honest. Lin has more upside but Miller's experience is valuable. He can be a locker room grump, though.

14. Darrell Arthur (65)

When he got traded for Kosta Koufos, I don't think I was the only one who believed Denver potentially got the better end of the deal. Whoops. Arthur is still tenable as a third big, but his unreliability and size is costing him dearly.

15. Jason Terry (66)

Is he willing to return to Houston now that Patrick Beverley is coming back to surely be the starter? Will another playoff-chasing team bring him in above the veteran's minimum? Big questions. And here we thought he'd be starting his inevitable TV analyst career by now.

16. Mirza Teletovic (67)

Restricted free agency is hurting Teletovic, who would otherwise be a nice sneaky signing. The Nets will probably match anything reasonable, so why would other teams bother? Given that he's nearly 30 but still relatively green from an NBA perspective, there's little reason to roll the dice with an offer sheet well above market price. He looks like he'll be stuck with whatever the Nets deem appropriate ... unless the European sabres start getting rattled.

17. Gerald Green (69)

What an odd career Green has had. He's still not 30 and has tremendous bounce. A long-term or lucrative contract now seems like a long shot, but there's an opportunity to find a nice spot to (again) flourish here.

18. Norris Cole (70)

He's a two-time NBA champion! I still believe the Pelicans will bring him back, though, given Jrue Holiday's injury woes and Alvin Gentry's PG-led offense. Perhaps New Orleans is thinking bigger at that position and wants to retain flexibility while looking at trade options.

19. Austin Rivers (71)

It really looks like Austin Rivers' dad has ended the Austin Rivers Experiment. What a world. He should land with an NBA team nonetheless, though.

20. Kevin Garnett (73)

Just a matter of time until he signs a small deal with the Timberwolves. I can't wait to see Instagrams of him showing Karl-Anthony Towns the tricks of the trade.

21. Kevin Seraphin (76)

I would way rather give Seraphin the mid-level (which is an overpay) than give Kanter a near-max deal. Seraphin not as potent of a scorer and his game isn't as pretty, but I'm actually not sure he's a lesser player overall. The Clippers might want to turn the Paul Pierce signing into a double sign-and-trade for Seraphin, if that's legal given the money situation.

22. Mo Williams (78)

Hey, Jason Terry survived his early 30s! Why not Mo? He'll land somewhere on something near the biannual exception, in all likelihood.

23. Nick Calathes (79)

The backup point guard might still have a home in Memphis, though the Grizzlies elected to retain Beno Udrih. One more ball-handler there would be nice given the lack of playmaking from the two guards.

24. Gigi Datome (80)

Another victim of restricted status. He could have gotten the mid-level, I think, in this environment, if teams weren't afraid of locking up their space in an offer sheet.

25. Tyler Hansbrough (84)

Psycho T is still on the board, NBA teams! Act accordingly.

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