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Every ridiculous thing that happened on the day DeAndre Jordan changed his mind

DeAndre Jordan turned his back on Dallas after a verbal agreement and signed with the Clippers. Here's every weird twist and turn that made that possible.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

After initially spurning the Los Angeles Clippers for the Dallas Mavericks, Jordan has now spurned the Mavericks by instead opting to re-sign with the Clippers. Jordan's decision caps off a wild day that'll be remember for years and live in infamy in Dallas. There were a ton of twists and turns.

Here's a recap of the events.

The news breaks

It was a harmless Wednesday morning when ESPN's Marc Stein dropped the bomb that the Clippers were lobbying Jordan to renege on his agreement with Dallas. Jordan had actually called Clippers head coach Doc Rivers several days earlier to express some doubt over his decision. The Clippers began a full-court press on Jordan to convince him to stay.

The emoji war breaks out

As contingents from the Clippers and Mavericks descended on Jordan's Houston home, several players involved got into an emoji war on Twitter. Chandler Parsons started it by tweeting an emoji of a plane, and it took off from there, with Chris Paul even tweeting emojis of a banana and a boat.

The meeting

The Clippers contingent included Rivers, owner Steve Ballmer, Paul, Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce and J.J. Redick. While the meeting ended earlier Wednesday evening, reports had the group stalling so Jordan couldn't talk to the Mavericks contingent, including owner Mark Cuban.

Clippers form a wall

The Clippers didn't only stall, but they wouldn't leave until Jordan signed a new deal. Cuban and Jordan's agent, Dan Fegan, weren't even able to get in the house.

Griffin did his part to keep out any unwanted visitors.

ESPN's Tim MacMahon said Jordan wouldn't take any calls from the Mavericks.

Cuban (maybe) gets desperate

ESPN's Chris Broussard claimed Cuban was beside himself driving around downtown Houston trying to get the address to Jordan's home, while Stein said seconds later that Cuban had already begun telling people within the organization that they'd lost Jordan. Both could be true, but the dichotomy of the tweets just seconds apart was too perfect.

Also: Cuban's brother went at Broussard.

Mark Cuban himself later went at Broussard too.

Meanwhile, Jordan and his teammates were having fun

The Clippers' meeting with Jordan was actually quite short, and the group actually played cards and video games to pass the time throughout the night. Jordan's mother even ordered out food for them.

Jordan presumably will officially sign soon. What a day.


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