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DeAndre Jordan is now the most hated man in Texas

That and more in Thursday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

YOU CRAZY FOR THIS ONE, D: Hours before the NBA free agent moratorium ended, DeAndre Jordan had a change of heart, invited his Clippers teammates and bosses to his Houston home for a chat and eventually decommitted from the Mavericks, signing a four-year max with L.A. at 12 a.m. That sounds crazy, right? IT WAS EVEN CRAZIER THAN THAT.

For some reason, the race to Jordan's house by Clippers and Mavericks officials was expressed exclusively through emoji on Twitter, replete with old-ass Paul Pierce posting a .jpg of a smiley face thinking it was emoji. This expanded beyond the main players and ended with a Michael Jordan related account tweeting six trophy emoji followed by a goat. Yes, The DeCommitment sparked a league-wide emoji party.

Once the Clippers got there, they (jokingly?) barricaded themselves and Jordan inside and refused to allow the Mavericks (specifically Mark Cuban and Chandler Parsons) to visit or talk to Jordan. At one point, ESPN reported that Cuban was driving around furiously yelling into his phone trying to get DeAndre's address. Blake Griffin tweeted some jokes, the Mavericks finally gave up and Paul Pierce made a few more jokes as Jordan signed.

This was all extremely crazy ... and it's not over yet, as I wrote last night. There's going to be so much fallout.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR DALLAS? Mary Henderson explores the legal options for the team. God I hope we get a RICO case out of this. Meanwhile, Wesley Matthews will still sign with the Mavericks and it's unclear if those tanking comments Cuban made last week will take on new importance. This isn't a playoff team right now.

THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE: The Clippers actually used the 1999 Denver Nuggets' playbook.

THEY BROKE RULE 17 OF THE NBA GM HANDBOOK: Never trade with the Spurs! The Kings dealt Ray McCallum to San Antonio for a future second. This is a bad idea not because McCallum is a future star (he's not, though he has the potential to be a nice player) but because if the Spurs want a player YOU should want a player. If R.C. Buford or Gregg Popovich say, "Hey, can we get That Player for a future second?" you need to immediately sign that player to a max. That's the rule. That's how you avoid getting Spursed.

THROW SUM MO: The NBA raised the salary cap to $70 and the tax line to $84.7 million. That means that revenue was better than expected. (It was $4.84 billion.) It also means that all of those crazy max contract numbers you've heard over the past week will be even higher.

MORE SIGNINGS: A few other players, including the great Jeremy Lin, committed on Wednesday.

PLAYERS TO WATCH: Here are 12 players at least somewhat likely to be traded as the summer wears on.

NEAT: The NBA is investing in injury prevention research. Can we get a study on the impact of banning Matthew Dellavedova? (Kidding!)

NOT BASKETBALL, BUT ... ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter on Wednesday tweeted a photo of the medical records of Jason Pierre-Paul, who needed a finger amputated after a fireworks mishap this weekend. Sharing medical records breaks federal health care privacy laws. Teams have access to the records, but if a New York Giants employee then leaked the screenshot to Schefter, that employee should then lose their job, in my opinion.

Schefter will be in the clear legally assuming he didn't actually get into the hospital and take the screenshot himself. But what Schefter did is unconscionable. He posted a screenshot of a person's medical records on the Internet in the name of breaking news! This is a deeply disturbing foray into unethical behavior and frankly a complete lack of self-awareness on the part of Schefter and his ESPN bosses, who haven't done a peep to walk back the violation.

LET'S TALK THUNDER: Nice Q&A with Billy Donovan.

Happy Thursday. See you next time.


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