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Anthony Davis is adding muscle, becoming even more terrifying

The Brow is reportedly adding muscle without losing his explosiveness, which is great news for the Pelicans and terrible news for the rest of the league.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Read this and despair, NBA centers. Anthony Davis is up to 253 pounds after spending the summer bulking up, according to the Pelicans.

Davis came into the league as a can't-miss prospect. The only question mark surrounding his potential was whether he would be strong enough to handle bigger players early in his career due to his slight frame. Some of those concerns remain. They are the reason Omer Asik is a very rich man and why Alvin Gentry is saying Davis will play power forward "for the most part."

Those doubts will soon be erased if Davis can continue to add weight without losing his explosiveness. He weighed 222 pounds at the draft combine, which means he has now added over 30 pounds to his frame since entering the league while remaining one of the most mobile and athletic big men around.

"He’s lifted a lot more weight," said head strength and conditioning coach Jason Sumerlin. "He’s stronger than he’s ever been."

With Team USA not having any commitments this summer, Davis had plenty of time to focus on his body. Not only has he been working on his strength but also on eating healthy, which has allowed him to maintain 10 percent body fat. He's been showing off his enthusiasm about his new diet on Instagram.

Chef bouta have me right this year!! Can't wait!! #turnt #mychefbetterthanyours

Una foto publicada por Ant Davis (@antdavis_23) el

Chef bouta have me right this year!! Can't wait!! #turnt #mychefbetterthanyours

At his current weight Davis is still not quite ready to bang with the Andrew Boguts and Dwight Howards of the Western Conference night in and night out. If he continues down this path, though, he will be an even bigger matchup nightmare than he is now by being able to force his way inside and take more shots near the basket, which he sometimes eschews in favor of mid-range jumpers.

Davis distribution chart

Every summer there are reports about players adding 20 pounds of muscle or a corner three. In Davis' case, we've now heard both rumors. Typically, it's better to dismiss them as hype from teams looking to build up expectations for the upcoming season, rather than developments that will have actual impacts on players' skill sets. It's entirely possible that's the case with this news about The Brow.

If he in fact comes back stronger and with more range on his jumper, though, he will likely be the favorite for MVP and could challenge LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant for the "best player in the league" title.

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