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O.J. Mayo goes after official following ejection, has to be restrained

The league is not going to like this.

As an eight-year veteran, O.J. Mayo has taken on a leadership role with the young Bucks this season. On Saturday, however, he provided his teammates with a perfect example of what not to do when dealing with officials.

After he didn't get a call on a drive against Karl-Anthony Towns, Mayo waited for a stoppage to plead his case to a referee. He must have said something that was out of line because he immediately received a technical. Instead of stopping then, he continued to jaw at the official and got ejected. Then he made a bad situation even worse with the way he reacted to the ejection.

Mayo knows better. Not only did he leave his team shorthanded for the game but a suspension, fine, or both could be on the way.

Earlier in the season Mayo had an altercation with Draymond Green after a close loss to the Warriors. It looks like he needs to learn how to control his temper.

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