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Stan Van Gundy calls David Blatt firing 'the theater of the absurd'

SVG never holds back.

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NBA coaches tend to stick up for one another. After all, there are only 30 of them at a time, so the feeling of brotherhood is inescapable, even if they are not close in real life. Because of that, every time one of them loses his job, the shows of support are almost inevitable. The firing of David Blatt was not an exception.

Gregg Popovich and Byron Scott talked about how in their business sometimes unfair things happen even to those who get results. Steve Kerr joked about how since two of the four coaches of the teams that reached the conference finals last season have been fired, Mike Budenholzer and him should probably be worried about their job security. Scott Skiles lamented that even winning isn't enough to keep a job anymore.

Everyone sided with Blatt, but few were really passionate in his defense. Rick Carlisle was one of the exceptions, as he said he "was embarrassed for (the) league that something like that could happen." The always fiery Stan Van Gundy, however, decided to go even further when asked about the Cavaliers' decision:

Van Gundy was fired from the Magic for a rift with Dwight Howard, despite taking the team to the conference finals, so maybe this one hit close to home. The way he feels about coaches' job security is likely why he pushed to get front office control before taking over the Pistons, which he got. He knows firsthand how things work in the NBA.

It's always refreshing to hear Van Gundy's opinions regardless of the subject because he never holds anything back. The now former Cavaliers' coach will surely appreciate the genuine show of support from one of the NBA's most respected coaches.

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