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ESPN's glowing 3-point line technology actually looks good

It won't revolutionize how we watch basketball, but it's a nice feature.

ESPN is debuting a new feature on their broadcast: the Virtual 3. Whenever a player attempts a three-pointer, the three-point line will light up to make it clear for audiences that he's outside the arc. If he makes the shot, the line will stay lit up. If he misses, the illumination will stop.

This is what it looks like:

That's not bad. It's definitely not too intrusive, and it helps watchers know what type of shot it was at a glance. Unfortunately, it's not binding, so referees will still have to officially review any made basket they feel was too close to call.

It's not as awesome as the pylon cam, but it's not as bad as the glowing puck, either. Good job, ESPN.