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Derrick Rose found not liable on all charges in civil rape trial

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Derrick Rose was found not liable on all charges in a civil suit brought against him by Jane Doe accusing him of rape, a jury ruled on Wednesday in a California court.

The decision was reached by an eight-person jury of six women and two men, who deliberated for about three hours Wednesday before telling U.S. District Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald that it had reached a decision.

"I am thankful that the jury understood and agreed with me," Rose said in a statement to the Associated Press. "This experience and my sensitivity to it was deep. I am ready to put this behind me and focus on my family and career."

Doe’e lawyer said they are “devastated” by the verdict and considering an appeal. She will have 30 days to file a notice, according to The White Bronco.

Two of the eight jurors were spotted taking photos with Rose and his attorney after the verdict.

Doe’s case asked for $6 million in compensatory damages and $15.5 million in punitive damages, alleging nine different crimes, including sexual battery, battery, trespassing, and conspiracy to trespass and commit rape.

Rose and two friends, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, were accused of breaking into the women’s apartment in August 2013 and having sex with her without consent while she was unconscious. The men acknowledged that sex occurred that night, but refuted that she was unconscious and claimed consent was given.

Rose and Doe dated in 2012 and 2013, although they had broken up that summer. Doe accepted an invitation to Rose’s house in August 2013 anyway, before she was taken home by a friend. She exchanged texts with Rose later that night, but had repeatedly declined requests for group sex throughout her relationship with Rose. More information from that night is available here.

No criminal charges have been brought against Rose, Hampton, and Allen, although the statute of limitations for sex crimes in California is six years. Doe filed civil charges in August 2015, and civil courts carry a lower standard of proof than criminal ones.

The trial lasted 16 days, starting on Oct. 4.