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Kawhi Leonard bled under his eye, came back looking like Nelly, and made it hot in herre to close out Spurs win

Kawhi put on a Nelly costume and went to work.

Kawhi Leonard took a hit from Tyler Johnson right below the eye with eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter, and he missed a minute and 41 seconds as his bleeding face was attended to.

When he returned, Leonard stunted what looked like a bad last-minute Nelly Halloween costume with an oversized bandaid covering the wound.

Then, (sorry about this) he made it hot in herre.

In the final quarter, the way-too-early MVP favorite went off for 16 of his 27 points to beat the Miami Heat, 106-99, in a game the Spurs rested LaMarcus Aldridge in.

In the game’s final four minutes, Leonard crafted his way to the free throw line 10 times using shot-fakes to get defenders in the air, and he sealed the game by ripping the ball from Hassan Whiteside’s hands with 31 seconds to go.

Leonard finished with 27 points and six assists, and four games into the season, the Spurs are undefeated in the post-Tim Duncan era.

P.S. Good costume, Kawhi.