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DeMarcus Cousins yelled at a reporter in the locker room after a negative column

This isn’t the first time Cousins has been confrontational with the media.

DeMarcus Cousins yelled expletives at a columnist for the Sacramento Bee and refused to speak to media while the writer was in the locker room after the Kings beat the Lakers 116-92 on Monday. Cousins was upset about a column written that weekend, and specifically, that it mentioned an incident involving Cousins and his brother.

The Bee columnist was Andy Furillo, who wrote this column suggesting Cousins should stop hanging out at clubs after he and Matt Barnes were involved in a fight at a New York City nightclub last week. In an ensuing lawsuit, the plaintiffs allege Barnes choked a woman and Cousins sucker punched her boyfriend, while the Kings players say the couple instigated the incident.

At the end of the column, Furillo referenced an incident last May, where Cousins’s brother Jaleel — currently playing for the Texas Legends (the Mavericks’ D-League affiliate) — was arrested while Cousins was present. In the video from the locker room, you can hear Cousins say, “Don’t ever mention my brother. You don’t know my fucking brother.”

As the video shows, Cousins has previously told reporters he wouldn’t speak to the rest of the media until certain members left the locker room. The Bee wrote about the incident on Friday, four days after the locker room outburst, calling Cousins’s tactics media intimidation and an attempt to control what is written about him.

Furillo has been critical of Cousins in the past, including suggesting the team “trade him, cut him, whatever,” in a column titled, “It’s time for Kings to get rid of DeMarcus Cousins.” The Lakers game and ensuing outburst was one of the first times Furillo has attended a Kings game this season, according to a media member I spoke to who was present on Monday.

Per USA Today’s Sam Amick, the NBA was aware of the incident this week and Cousins could be penalized.

The Kings released this statement about the incident:

“We are committed to being open and transparent, and any hint of media censorship is unacceptable,” it said. “There is an ongoing review into this matter, and we will take the appropriate steps immediately upon its conclusion.”