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Cavaliers hung photo of LeBron James' game-sealing finals block outside the Warriors' locker room

This is incredible.

Did you hear the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals last season after the Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead? Well, the Cavaliers were worried the Warriors had missed that bit of news, so they left this door open right down the hall from the visiting locker room before the two played in Cleveland on Christmas day.

But hold up, wait. What’s that on LeBron’s finger?

Zoom in some more?


If that’s not a championship ring, I’ll eat my Christmas presents. Here’s what it looks like, just so we can compare.

What’s a little pettiness on Christmas day? Best Christmas gift ever.

For the record, Stephen Curry said he hoped the Cavaliers’ visiting locker room still smelled a little bit like champagne before the two teams played last Christmas, so the Cavaliers didn’t do this completely unprovoked.