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John Wall scored 52 points and the Wizards still lost to the Magic

John Wall set a career high with 52 points on Tuesday, and the Washington Wizards lost anyway, falling 124-116 to the Orlando Magic. It’s the 52nd time in NBA history that a player has lost a game at home while dropping 50 or more points, although it happened to Anthony Davis in the Pelicans’ season opener this year, as well.

Wall hit 18 shots in 31 attempts, knocked down five threes, and dished eight assists to just four turnovers. Here’s one of the last buckets in his game.

My goodness, this hesitation move from Wall on Serge Ibaka is filthy.

Wall was the first Wizard with 50 or more points in a game since Gilbert Arenas scored 51 in 2007. Arenas also has the most points ever by a Wizard, with a 60-point game in 2006. And his 50-point game ties him with another Wizard.

Wall was filthy all night, and the Wizards still couldn’t do enough without him to win.