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Terrible shooter Derrick Rose literally took a bow after hitting a clutch, wide open three

Derrick Rose entered the Bulls' game against the Jazz on Monday shooting 25.8 percent from three-point range. Last season, Rose shot 28 percent on 5.3 attempts per game from behind the arc, making him perhaps the worst volume shooter from distance in the league.

Well, D-Rose just hit a HUGE three to give the Bulls a late lead over the Jazz and he celebrated by taking a bow on the court. What makes this even funnier is you know every Bulls fan (like, uh, me) was yelling at their TV when he took the shot. Now it's official -- Rose must bow after threes.

The screencap is funny, too:

Oh, and the Jazz tied it up on the next possession to push this game to overtime. Gordon Hayward, who hit the shot, did not take a bow.