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Kristaps Porzingis mistakenly played defense in the Rising Stars game and got dunked on

There are only two minutes out of the 40-minute NBA Rising Stars Challenge where the participants actually play some slight level of defense. After all, there's really only one rule in this game, and that's to not get yourself dunked on. (I just invented this rule, but I believe it makes a lot of sense.)

In those final two minutes, with Team World half-seriously attempted to make a comeback down by a few points, Kristaps Porzingis decided to rotate over and attempt to block Jabari Parker, who had come free for a dunk.

He violated the only rule of the Rising Stars game. Yes, that one.

It wasn't a full poster, but yeah, Parker got him pretty good. Just one rule and Porzingis couldn't even follow it. Who cares that he led Team World with 30 points; he got himself dunked on. For shame.