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NBA All-Star Game 2016 halftime show: Sting did some songs and such

The crowd was extremely hype, as you'd expect.

Sting, a 16-time Grammy winner, sang some songs and so on during the 2016 NBA All-Star Game halftime show on Sunday.

Sting, who is 64 and from England, has a glorious beard.

Sting, whose seminal band The Police formed the year before very old basketball player Kobe Bryant was born, sang "I Dream of Rain" in quite cold Toronto. If it rained in Toronto on Sunday, it would have been snow, so it's possible Sting was actually dreaming of enough warmth to prevent snow and bring rain. Nice work, Sting.

Sting next sang a Police song called "Message in a Bottle," which came out in 1979, when current NBA commissioner Adam Silver was 17 and clearly in love with new wave music.

Next Sting did a portion of a song that is called, we kid you not, "De Do Do Do, De Da Da." He followed that with a bit of stalkers' anthem "Every Breath You Take," which 98 percent of current NBA players recognize only as a song co-opted by Puff Daddy in the wake of Notorious B.I.G.'s tragic death.

Then the halftime show ended and we all went on with our lives. If you want the moment to last forever and perhaps achieve tantric status, there's a 47-minute NBA highlight reel set to Sting, because the Internet is the scariest place.